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Powa Beam’s new design POWA STRUT Window Mount for Spotlights enables you to fix your spotlight to your door frame without the need to modify your vehicle. This allows you to easily control the light angle and direction using the remote handle so you can spot your target easily. The extra strong, adjustable double gas strut system allows it to quickly attach to most vehicles and the door can still be open and closed without restriction. You can purchase the POWA STRUT Window Mounting Bracket alone or in a package with a Powa Beam Spotlight and Remote Control Handle.

This setup is ideal if you are a recreational shooter and do not want to make permanent modifications to your vehicle.

Window Remote mount for Powa Beam spotlights
This handy bracket fits securely in the window frame of most vehicles, elimenating the need to drill holes in the roof.
Very heavy duty
Designed for use with Powa Beam 7" Spotlights.

1x Powa Strut Window Bracket

1x Powa Beam RC220 Remote Handle

Versatile, adjustable strut operated mounting system
Attaches to almost any window vehicle frame in seconds
Allows door to be opened & closed without any restrictions
No modifications to vehicle necessary
Strong steel construction
To fit spaces between 310mm & 520mm
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