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Joker’s BS9 Bushcraft and Survival Knife, Erizo TS1 follows Joker’s mark of traditional patterns into practical modern knife design. The beauty of this model (and series) is the masterful finish of both the knife and its accompanying sheath which I know will be a standout for anyone who appreciates quality edgeware.

The Erizo TS1 encompasses a robust full-tang blade crafted from Molybdenum Vanadium (57HRC) 4mm thick steel. The ‘working’ section of the blade is 7.5cm long and 33mm wide. The orange micarta scales are contoured for a comfortable fit and include an elegant swelling and downward sweep on its’ edge side providing some protection from a hand slipping forward on to the blade so to ensure a secure grip. The handle is ergonomic and although small can be used with larger hands. The grooves on the spine of the blade make the knife more manouverable and comfortable to use.

‘Bushcraft and Survival’ knives must be able to handle each one of the several tasks that might arise in an emergency situation (water, shelter, warmth and food) where surviving the experience is paramount. The knife must respond appropriately to the various situations that might be met in satisfying the supply of each of these.

Such tasks include whittling, notching, lapping and shaping tasks which prove effective with this well-balanced, heavy set knife, shape an efficient digging stick from a suitable branch or be baton-driven into the toughest wood are easily achieved with the well weighted, heavy duty 4mm thick, razor-sharp, hollow ground blade. The hollow grind allows for easy sharpening in the field and maintains a finer cutting edge for meat preparation. The Erizo TS1's drop-point blade combined with a deeper belly means that it can be used very proficiently for skinning and harvesting meat.

The Erizo TS1 is presented with well-finished and robust, top-grain hide 3mm thick which is reinforced with rivets where necessary. As the rivets are hollow, a thong (included paracoid) can be passed through them to tie the sheath along a belt in a horizontal carry or fasten it to webbing straps allowing for a range of flexible ‘carries’ that would suit any situation. The belt loop will accept a 55mm wide belt. The Erizo TS1 is held securely in place with a single clip strap.


Blade: 75 x 33 x 4mm

Steel: Bohler N695 (58-60HRC)

Sheath: Leather

Handle: Orange micarta scales

Handcrafted in Spain
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