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SPOTFYR is a result of taking the performance of the handheld PROFYR 12000 and configuring it as a remote mount style as the HELLFYR.

It uses the same reflector, light source and optics of the PROFYR that has been a huge success, especially within the rural agricultural market segment. No plastic. All components CNC alloy for the ultimate in durability in the field. No plastic toys here!

Bulb change in seconds in the field, no clips, no screws, just unwind the billet bulb holder and job is done. Precise focusing is just as easy as dialing in a rifle scope optic. You are ready to go in less time it takes to read this paragraph.

SPOTFYR 12000 is supplied with the same the same step-up convertor as the HELLFYR 12000 and PROFYR 12000.

Reflector size is 198mm compared to 240mm of the HELLFYR.

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